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This is the home of Camelid Caper's web site in western Marin county, California. It is truly a work in progress and is a very dynamic project, subject to change at a moments whim. Feel free to check in at any time. We hope you enjoy your journey though this strange and wonderful world. Remember life's an adventure!

The site provides you with an insight into the many facets of this unique business based in west Marin county, California. Use the links at the right to begin your explorations, links to our pages will always be found at the bottom of a page. You can also use the java based site navigator to explore the site from most of the pages Please remember to sign the guestbook, so we'll know you stopped by. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and enjoy the journey.

A sampling of Recipes from the in progress cookbook!

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The Hippie from Olema is now on KWMR !

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